This handsome gentleman was kind enough to model our hats in the Bike Expo Pedal Savvy Fashion Show. Yes, he looks wonderful. After the show, he himself decided he liked this look and bought himself a grey and black reversible rain hat.

Here is one of our beautiful customers from the San Francisco Bike Expo sporting a baby blue and black casquette. Yes, he already looked good without the hat, but with the hat, his allure is complete!


Our merino wool hails from Levana Textiles, located in Levin, a small textile town in New Zealand, nestled between the rugged Tararua Ranges and the Tasman Ocean. It would be hard to find cleaner air and water than this region provides. This purity goes into the merino wool they produce, which is 100 percent chemical free.

Levana has very stringent quality control.  The company conducts strict laboratory tests to examine fabric for any faults and to make sure it meets international standars. Levana is an Invista accredited mill, and is also proudly ISO 9001 certified — an international qualification awarded to companies who meet strict Quality Management System criteria.

In this period where consumers cannot claim ignorance when it comes to our impact on the environment, we focused on using only wool that is 100% natural and renewable.  The wool we use is supplied by farmers who are verified to use only organize production, reducing the environmental impact. The sheep are also treated humanely, without the brutal museling procedure used by many wool producers.