A lot of people complain that they don’t ride their bikes because they don’t want to arrive at their destination cold, wet, and/or sweaty.  We set out to develop a very practical product that would allow cyclists to live the impossible dream.

         Knowing that the head is the main place the body loses and builds heat, we focused on developing a hat that is, in effect a water-repellant thermostat. We use a tightly woven softshell fabric designed to be breathable, yet water repellant for the outside of the hat. It feels comfortable next to the skin, yet is durable enough to last ride after ride,  wash after wash. The inner side is merino wool from New Zealand, that provides a wicking action that rids your head of any moisture. Once the fog and drizzle lift, as it always does in San Francisco, right?, you’ll want to cool down a bit, but not too much, as there’s always that little nip in the air, so you just turn your little hat inside out, and your body temperature returns to a comfortably warm level.

       The hat is made with quadrants and a middle cross section that allow the hat to stay on snugly. The hat is made to fit perfectly under a helmet, so you don’t need to do any awkward adjustments with your helmet straps.

      Gobha has had great success with the cycling mavens out there. The cross-dressing cycling funatics DFL ordered monogrammed reversible hats two years in a row, and the Santa Cruz County Cyclo Cross Championship gave our reversibles out their winners, with a hugely positive response.

     We’ve recently started moving into retail locations. Our first merchant, American Cylcery, has had huge interest from customers in this locally made product, and another fine cycling establishment, The Missing Link, in Berkeley, is now carrying our hats.

    And, in case you still have any doubts, Bicycling Magazine’s editor wrote in a review of new products that our hats were his favorite hats ever.



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The hat is made to fit perfectly under a helmet, so you don’t need to do any awkward adjustments with your helmet straps.

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