March 9th’s Milan San Remo opened the season spectacularly as Gerard Ciolek connived his way to a win after five hours in snow, rain, and wind so cold much of the peleton abandoned a commissar-shortened race.

Part of the spectacle, rightly pointed out by blogger Inrng.com, was the fact that, while modern cyclists ride $10,000 bicycles made of aerospace composites, they wear clothing that simply doesn’t work.

Racers struggled to remove and replace freezing soggy gloves. Jackets billowed, while tights and jerseys became sogged and sagged with chilled water. Professional sufferers such as multiple Paris Roubaix champion Tom Boonen abandoned because the cold was too much.

Typically, and as usual, the most primitive piece of clothing on riders bodies could be found on their heads.

Commonplace were ordinary, team-issue cotton cycling caps. Technological innovation, meanwhile, consisted of a shower-cap-like improvised helmet cover that ended up looking like a plastic bag had accidentally blown onto the riders head.

Thankfully,  most cyclists – even ones who occasionally get caught in the rain, aren’t paid to suffer, and don’t have to make do with chintzy, logo-adorned caps covering the most important area of their bodies.

Gobha-Clothing’s all-weather reversible soft-shell hat is warm in the freezing weather,  comfortable once you warm up, and impervious to wind.

If only Pro Tour team managers had known.



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